Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prenatal Yoga

Ohmygosh, every pregnant woman should consider prenatal yoga. i went to my first class last night and i loved it! if they offered the class on a daily basis, i would go every day.

i did some yoga before i was pregnant but hadn't done it in awhile. prenatal yoga is the perfect exercise for preggies. class was an hour and a half long and ended with meditation. it is supposed to prepare you for childbirth by teaching calming and breathing techniques and also by strengthening your mind and body for delivery. the class also teaches certain posses and stretches that help throughout the pregnancy and even on to motherhood.

the instructor was from france and had a neat accent. the best part is the camaraderie of the group. it was great being with other pregnant women who are experiencing the same thing as me. it was a neat bonding experience with the baby too.
they also offer partner yoga (yeah, i'll have to run that one by david) where they teach the partner how to help the mom during delivery. 6 weeks before your due date they offer Birthing Bootcamp. that one sounds scary, so we'll see : ) after the baby is born they offer a class called "mommy and me baby yoga" which sounds fun!

i recommend it to all the pregnant ladies...worth a try! i was skeptical because it is somewhat an expensive hobby but it was entirely worth the cost. looking forward to my next class!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bumpity bump

not much of a bump, but at 16 weeks we can now see that our little one is making itself at home in my belly! every day it is growing rapidly and--according to my baby books--is now about the size of an avacado (yum, that sounds good!!)
i'm still in my normal clothes, but the more loose fitting ones. soon enough it will be time to pull out the maternity clothes :(

another doc appt, another good report:

i drove in this past week from WV to KY for another doctor's appointment. david couldn't make it with his work schedule, but the appointment was fast and routine. the doctor was having trouble finding a heartbeat at first because the baby would NOT stay still!! it was moving around like crazy. we heard the heartbeat for a few seconds, then lost it again as the baby kept moving. the doc said this is very normal at this age because the baby is still so small relative to the space it has to "play" in. Although it's moving around, i can't feel it moving yet. That should be in the next few weeks.

It's a boy!

Ok, i'm lying, we don't know what it is yet. But after my doctors appt i told david i would text him while he was at work to let him know how it went. i decided to tease him and tell him we found out the sex and that it was a boy. that was one of the first times he has ever called me during the middle of the day while at work! that got his attention. it was a mean trick.

at our next appt, we will find out the sex. i am starting to get very anxious! originally, i wanted to wait until the baby was born, but now i can hardly wait three weeks. we are not sure if this appt will be in WV or KY yet, but either way we will schedule it so we can both be at the appointment. since it is like, the most common question at this stage of pregnancy, i will go ahead and answer that david wants a boy and i want a girl... shocker. of course, we will be happy no matter what. i think its natural that you want your own sex for the first kid because it's what you are most familiar with.

other news:

our house is coming together a little more each day. there are still things we need...like....a couch to sit on... but we are getting there a little at a time. ill try to post some pictures soon. we are both enjoying morgantown. we have already met some really great people to hang out with. we are looking forward to trying to get to a football game or two this fall!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

movin' on up...

This (long) week, i made the (tiring) move to West Virginia. David and i are excited to finally be in the same place again!

pregnancy and packing:

i was definitely "that girl" when it came to packing up my apartment for the big move. my poor parents boxed, cleaned and moved while i sat helplessly watching. i hated not being able to help with my own move. i tried to carry blankets and pillows to the car but my dad said "absolutely not! put them down, i'll get them." i wasnt even allowed to carry pillows. the purse i carry each day is heavier than that. but papa gary is too nice. my mom gave me the "special job" of labeling boxes. that's about all i was good for. at first it was fun, but toward the end i started getting annoyed...see exhibit 1 below :)

hormones and professional movers:

i hired movers to load my stuff from the apartment to the moving van. they were paid by the hour and working like it!!! i could hardly stand there and watch a grown, strong man carry one, light box down at a time. my parents told me to chill, but it was driving me crazy. i proceeded to watch them take a smoke break which i "refused to pay for." i might have over reacted a little, but im blaming it on the hormones.

its my party, and ill cry if i want to:

on thursday, i had a nice dinner with my high school friends to say goodbye. i was a good girl and didnt cry! then on friday my mom had a cookout for me, my family, and a few friends (see exhibit 2.) it was a nice way to say goodbye. i didnt cry at all until i said goodbye to baby jack and baby reese. i'm going to miss seeing them grow up each day!!

to wv:

my (favorite) brother in law (for the day) took a "road trip" with my dad and drove the Penske truck to WV. i was so appreciative of his help. david was working so it was just john, my dad, my mom and me to unload. since then i have been organizing and cleaning one box at a time. this place is a wreck, so no pictures to post yet!

the new place:

david and i love our new home!! from our bedroom, we have a very beautiful and mountainess (word?) view of west virginia. for the first few days we had no hot water... it was awful taking cold, cold showers!! david handled it better than me and i eventually went the avoidance route. we probably smelled.

baby news:

once again, its crazy how your mindset changes once a baby is on the way! so many of the decisions we are making with the house have to do with the baby-- already thinking of play rooms, nursery, safety issues, etc. Right now the nursery is purple (yuck) but we will change it as soon as we find out if it's a Phoebe or Phoebo.


for now, i am working from home and i am enjoying it so far. it's allowing me to do other things around the house we need to get done. it will be even nicer when i'm too fat to move. david is on his second month of trauma. its been tough. next month he does radiology, and we are hoping his schedule will be a little easier.


we welcome any and all visitors!! we have a guest bedroom and i make great chocolate chip pancakes!!