Monday, July 19, 2010

we got an A+ at the doctor today!

today was doctor appointment number two for me and baby and we got a great report!! (i love getting A's!!)

i am still six pounds under my pre pregnancy weight but the nurse said that was okay. she also said next time i will probably NOT be underweight...i believe her :) the weight loss is completely attributable to my healthier eating choices. it's amazing how you'll change your whole diet once someone else is relying on you for everything. my fast food days are dying down (sad) because of the little voice in my head that feels guilty feeding my child mcnuggets. its one thing to put whatever i want in my own body, its another to put it in our baby's. however, i have definitely still enjoyed a few bad treats. for instance, natalie just TWISTED my arm one day and FORCED me to eat skyline : ) my dad suggested the 80/20 diet meaning that if i try my best to eat well 80% of the time, i can fill a sugar craving every now and then guilt free.

im hoping my healthier choices will stay with me after the baby is born. i'm sure they will for the time i am breastfeeding, but it will be up to me after that.

the appointment today was very fast. i heard the heartbeat for a few seconds, which was so cute! when i got to the office, a nurse mistakenly told me i would have an ultrasound. so i got my hopes up and was looking forward to seeing our baby, which did not happen. but the heartbeat was comforting enough.

the doctor also asked if we wanted to do any of the pre-screening tests. we opted out of both, knowing that we wouldn't want to change anything about the pregnancy regardless of any test results. it is pretty neat though that technology and medicine have advanced that far.

mommy and baby are happy we received a good report today!! next check up is 4 weeks away.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

my visit to morgantown!

this week i went to morgantown to visit david and go on a few interviews. pregnancy and airline travel do not mix : ( pittsburgh airport was like, the most amazing airport i have seen. if you ever have to be stuck at any airport, this is the one you want to be stuck at! it was more like a huge mall that just so happens to have an airport on the side.

we were lucky that david got off work early on monday so we spent the afternoon together. tuesday i had my first interview at a local bank. while i was downtown for the interview i checked out downtown morgantown and was surprisingly impressed. lots of stores, restaurants, and lots of people populating the area. it was much larger than i thought. i also had an interview in pennsylvania and made the drive up there. i accidently found the outlet mall on the way home!! :)

wednesday david was on a call so i entertained myself for the day. his place was messy (silly boy!!) so i spent some time helping out a poor soul and cleaned the place for him. i also met with the realtor, who was awesome and showed me a lot of great places. we are hoping to find and settle in a place a few months before the baby comes.

thursday i had another interview. that night david and i went out to eat with some of his collegues...all very, very nice people.

david's schedule was changed in the middle of the week and he ended up having friday off. so we spent the day and visited pittsburgh. it's a great city!! pittsburgh is on three connecting rivers and downtown kind of makes a triangle.

we really enjoyed spending the week together and were sad to see it end. david has been working so hard and being down there i formed a new appreciation for how hard it really is on him. when he would come home from the hospital his eyes were just blood shot red from being so tired. but he has a great attitude about it and is learning a lot. we are hoping it gets a little easier with time.

the rest of this month i will be packing up my stuff and will be making the move in august!

other pregnancy stuff:

i am just now starting to have a little belly, though i'm still a few pounds down from my pre-pregnancy weight. i am attributing this to the healthier foods and proportions i've been trying to eat.

dr. rubin gave me the best advice ever: she said if my vitamins were making me feel bad I could substitute them for a bowl of total cereal each morning. i've been doing that and already feel better! she also suggested to put lemon slices in my water to encourage me to drink more, which has also worked. i love dr. rubin's advice so far!! :) she is also sending down maternity clothes, which i'll be wearing before i know it!

with each day we are getting more and more excited!! i am starting to feel like myself again with more energy and less i'm-on-a-boat kind of feeling. tomorrow we have another doctor's appointment. i'm anxious to hear our progress!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A glimpse into the future?

There is a very cool website which "morphs" photos of the mom and the dad to create an image of what your baby might look like. It's a little creepy, I know, but kind of fun. So I wasted 20 minutes of my day and tried it. This little one is kind of cute, though I'm sure won't hold a candle to our real baby : )

Technology may be great, but my faith is in genetics...!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Surprise!! David and I are very excited to announce that we will be expecting our lil precious baby to get here around January 29th. January seems so far away, though we have decided that the reason pregnancy takes nine months is because that's how long it takes the mommy and daddy to agree on a name!

How we found out....

The day after David made the move to West Virginia we found out I was pregnant. It should come as no surprise, but being the frugal shopper that I am, I only bought one test and I bought the generic one at that! Since David was out of town I went over to aunt erica and uncle jas' house. Erica told me to go back to the store to buy a box of two tests and the costly, non-generic kind! After three positive home pregnancy tests I was still not completely convinced (yes, I'm aware they are 99% accurate, but you just never know!) but erica and jason assured me that three dark blue plus signs on three different sticks means only one thing... pregnant, pregnant, and pregnant. When I called david to tell him the news he was shopping at wal mart. he was just as surprised as mommy!! but he was also very, very excited.

1st Doc Appt...

David drove in 6 hours each way from West Virginia to be at our first doctor's appointment. It was a looonnng visit. They don't always do ultrasounds at 8 weeks, but we really wanted one and pulled the "he drove six hours" card. So the doctor took pity on us and did an ultrasound. In a small, dark doctor's office, we first saw our baby's heartbeat. It was amazing.

Sharing the news...

We shared the news first with the grandparents. All of the grandparents, aunts and uncles are excited and anxious!! We then shared the news with our other family and friends. Best reaction award goes to Mr. Jefferey Nefouse whose first question to me was, "Does David know?" Ha, I assured Jeff that yes, David knew. His next question was "Oh gosh, your baby is not going to grow up a mountaineer fan, right?" Jeff always provides the best perspective on life... Runner up reaction goes to aunt julie who said "I knew it!" (She swears she knew before we did!)
We want to thank all of our family and friends for their excitement and support!!


Mommy is looking for jobs in West Virginia on a daily basis so our family can be together. david just started his residency program so will have more than enough work to keep him busy until the baby gets here!! he is balancing it all very well. he's going to be a great dad!!

Keep you posted more along the way.......