Friday, October 29, 2010

26 and counting

when i jumped on the scale at the doctors office and saw i had gained 10 lbs since my last visit, i couldn't believe it... someone should have just shown me this picture! i feel like every morning that i wake up i have grown a little more.

new doctor:
on tuesday, we met with our new doc here in morgantown. we really liked her. her office is attached to where david works, so i think this will be a great benefit for us. it will be so much easier for us to both be at all of the appointments, as i start going to the doc every 2 weeks now. on Wednesday i met david for lunch before our appt in the infamous hospital cafeteria that i've heard so much about. all i can say is no wonder he eats whatever i cook at home : )

i liked the staff and doctor of our new place. she spent time to get to know us personally--why we were in wv, where we were from, how i was feeling, etc. I have been very sore the past couple weeks where my legs meet my belly. often it will hurt to just to stand, walk up stairs, or even lie in bed. so this was the main thing i wanted to talk with her about. the good news is that its "normal" and nothing to be concerned about. the bad news is it will go away, but not until after delivery : ( oh well, my little baby boy is totally worth it.

food and cravings:
it has definitely started. a few weeks ago, i was just hungry all the time. now i'm hungry all the time for SPECIFIC foods. david is awesome. the other night i asked him to bring home either oranges or grapes for me to snack on. he came home with blackberries, oranges, bananas, apples, strawberries, grapes, and fruit dip to dip it in. ha! i made a huge plate and ate it all. this boy loves fruit!!!!

birthing plan:
the planner in me is coming out. i researched online how to make a birthing plan and found good information and templates. we are going to sit down and do this before our next doc visit and go over it with her in details. i'm not going to be an anal or difficult patient, but i do want to try to have a plan and try to stick with it if possible.
here's the link for my preggie friends:

nursery furniture is on its way. my mom is coming down in a few weeks to start painting. my patient and more baby knowledgeable sisters susan and julie were nice enough to go with me to register (the right way) so we can now check that off the to-do list. baby boy is moving like crazy all the time. he's a kicker, but i love him.

we can't wait to meet him!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

24 week update

every day i feel more and more pregnant. at the end of this month, i will be in my 3rd trimester which is hard to believe!

my appetite is picking up tremendously. i mean, seriously, there have been a few days where i eat maybe 12 times a day. its usually healthy stuff... fruit, granola bars, oatmeal, etc... but it is all the time!! no more giving david my leftovers at dinner. momma eats it all!

i am in maternity clothes mostly, unless im wearing extra large pjs or something lose. i was having trouble finding maternity clothes so i ordered some online from gap and old navy. i was skeptical, b/c obviously you cant see it or try anything on first and you could only return by mail. but i was happy with almost everything i purchased. i recommend this to other pregnant people... shipping was very inexpensive and there was a lot on sale.

we have found a doc here in morgantown. our first appt with her is in a few weeks on the 26th. with her as our doctor, we will be delivering at ruby memorial (there's only one other hospital choice here!) we have heard good things about both hospitals so we feel comfortable with our decision.

names..... oh geez!! we discussed how nice it would be if the kid came with a name the same way it comes with a sex. "Surprise! You're having a... Billy!" But that is not how it works. David and I have been through this baby name book about a hundred times. David finally had the idea that he create a top ten list, I create a top ten list and we work from there. we have narrowed it down to 5 names. David said I could chose from there and he'd be happy with any of them. But I keep changing my mind!!

the baby loves to move! i feel him all the time. even when i'm trying to fall asleep : ) david can finally feel him too, so that is pretty cool. he is an active little boy.

we tried to register, but we didn't really know what we were doing!! it was overwhelming to say the least. i mean, i knew we would need a little kid's potty, but then you go to register for one and there are like 5 to chose from! What's the difference?! we don't know these things, so i've decided i'm going to go back with grandma cathy and let her help :)

we are traveling this weekend to a wedding. i will post some pics from it when we get back.