Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 month update!

So, for the first month update I was late, and for the 2nd month update I am early...but today I have time and tomorrow I may not (welcome to motherhood!)

I heard this quote and it pretty much sums up the last two months completely (and the next 100 years)

"A mother always has to think twice. Once for herself, and once for her child." -Sophia Loren

Luckily, most of this is intuitive. From the second he was born (well, more like since I found out I was pregnant) my brain is on overload, constantly thinking for two (add David in there and my brain is at full capacity!!) Anywhere we go, anything we do, I first think how it will impact or effect Max. Especially with breastfeeding him, his schedule has become a priority in the family. David and I still get to do lots of things we want, but we are constantly planning and making decisions for three.

We are always thinking about Max. Is he eating enough, sleeping enough, too hot, too cold, having enough tummy time? etc, etc, etc.... I worry if he's crying, and I worry the same if he's "too" quiet. Sigh. We just love him so much and want to take care of him the best we can.

Anyway, here is some two month info:

Favorite thing to do: he LOVES music!! David came up with the idea to put on Disney Pandora and Max (and mommy!) love it. He will just be lying there quietly but once you turn on the music he kicks and moves like he's trying to dance. adorable.

Favorite thing we like to do with him: Umm, I kind of like to dress him up in cute outfits and take pictures. Also, I like taking him to Panera (we are here as I type). He's pretty popular here...everyone always stops to ooohhh and ahhh. We also like to skype his cousins and grandparents.

Activities: We are still doing our excercise class and yoga. He's also been to my mom's group with me a few times now, though he is still too young to play with the big kids. We've had a few play dates, but those mostly consist of mommy talking with her friends and Max sleeping in his car seat :)

Schedule: This kid is a clock. If he needs to eat at 9:00, he will wake up ready at 8:58. It never ceases to amaze me. It makes scheduling around his feedings pretty easy and predictable. The downside is we lose some flexibility because his feedings and sleep schedules are so structured. But overall, I prefer this!

My favorite things he does: SMILE!! He is starting to smile and of course it is so cute. He smiles when we sing to him or make funny noises.

Size: He is out of newborn clothes and on to the next size up. Everytime I pick him up he feels heavier.

Sleep: Oh my gosh, we are so lucky! Max is a great sleeper. People at David's work always ask him how much sleep he is losing at night. For the record, he looses NO SLEEP! And I don't miss that much either. We put Max down in his bed (no rocking, no crying) and within 20 minutes or so he's fast asleep. He will coo and make some noises, but he rarely cries. He'll sleep for 4-6 hours for the first part of the night, wake up for a feeding, and fall back asleep for another 2-3. Even naps during the day are pretty routine and predictable.

We are making our first trip to Kentucky this weekend!! We can't wait!!! We'll see how he does on the car ride.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Month Update!

I am writing his one month update at 5.5 weeks. Apparently, motherhood doesn't leave much time for blogging :)
We are so busy! You wouldn't think one little baby (that actually behaves really well and sleeps alot) would be such a time committment...but he is! And I LOVE IT!!
He is the most perfect, best, adorable, fun, sweet person in the world. I am so lucky to get to see him change and grow every day. Each day he does something new and I feel like everything new he does is a milestone :)
Here are a few things about his first month:
Favorite thing to do: Come on, he's one month old. He likes to sleep, eat and poop. But seriously, he also loves bathtime, being read or sang to, and cuddling!
Favorite thing we like to do with him: Cuddle!
Activities: We started baby yoga and an excercise class called "Buggies and Babes." Buggies and Babes is a class that we both go to for excercise. Let me tell is kicking my butt!! I thought it was just a bunch of ladies pushing strollers around, but it's tough. Feels good to start getting back in shape though.

Visitors: We have had lots of love in our household! Of course grandma cathy and papa gary have been to visit a few times, as well as Nonna and Grandad. But Max also got to meet his cousins Eli, Autumn and Anora and his aunt Laura and uncle John. It was adorable!! Anora kept saying, "Baby, Baby" and kept giving him toys (that he's obviously too young to play with.) Eli kept sniffing his hair, and Autumn loved to hold him. She said she could just hold him forever..... I'm with her on that one :)
We also had my friends Natalie and Austin come visit. Max loved it, but I think mommy enjoyed it most. Great girl time, which is what I needed. They loved on him all weekend and also helped me out a lot. They made David and I a great dinner one night and even let us take a date night to Wal Mart :) Max loved shopping with us... he was a trooper.
Schedule: He is on a great schedule thanks to the amazing read, BabyWise (recommend!) We are on the eat, play, sleep schedule. He eats, I keep him up awhile to play, and then he naps. Sometimes I get a quick nap in when he does, other days I'm not so lucky. At night he is sleeping 4-5 hours at a time. It's magical.
My favorite things he does: I LOVE when he first wakes up and stretches. It is my favorite thing he does. It is so dramatic and he uses every inch of his body and face. Hilarious.
David: Daddy is back at work and says he misses us all day. My favorite is when he first gets home and sees Max. David gets the biggest smile on his face the moment he sees him. He plays with him for awhile and takes care of him while I take a little break. David likes reading to him and taking him out with us to places (this kid has been everywhere already-- airports, restaurants, malls, etc.)
Size: He is growing as expected. He grew out of newborn diapers and I pretty much teared up when that happened. I love that he is growing up and changing, but it can also be a tiny bit sad.
Pictures on facebook... it's too hard to post them both here and there.
We are enjoying our time with him. More updates to come!!