Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1/2 a year!

so i skipped the five month update. sigh! i have a feeling there will be more months like that in the future. but, here is the 6 month (big boy!) update!!

his favorite thing to do:

Play, play, play. this kids is so into toys now! before, toys were just a passive activity in his day. i'd put toys on a blanket and he would reach out for them every now and then, but now it's like... "mom! give me something to play with!!" he's into everything... noises, lights, textures. even things adults wouldn't consider a "toy" he is obsessed with touching, reviewing, then repeating. He likes our pillows or sheets or blankets. also loves to rollover. again, and again, and again.

he also loves to be out in public. which is great for us, because we are constantly taking him out places. this weekend we took him to the farmer's market and to the winery. he doesn't care WHERE he is... everything is new to him. everything an adventure.

favorite thing we like to do with him:

we like "talking" with/to him. it's like he's an adult sometimes, the way he looks us in the eyes and has a babble conversation with us. he interupts alot though (perhaps he learned that from his daddy?! :) he makes these very high pitch noises that last a good 7 seconds a piece. i mean, they could pierce a person's eardrum, but he can pull it off as adorable.


tooth! so cute. officially a big boy

pool! we went to nonna and grandad's to swim. the water was a little cold even for my taste, so we couldn't blame him when he cried (ok, screamed) for the first couple of minutes. but eventually, he really came to enjoy it and even took a little nap on the raft (mommy's kind of day at the pool!)

night alone with daddy! mommy went on a girls weekend to cincy with some friends and max stayed with david. they did wonderful together and im sure he missed me a lot less than i missed him!


we started going to story time and he loves it. mostly he loves the other little kids around. the lady reading the book is secondary to him. mommy loves the cookies they usually pass out and the attached starbucks.


david's schedule is pretty wonderful right now. this is his research year. there is no call and no weekend work. it has been SO nice on all three of us. he is still working very hard, and still putting in 40+ hour weeks. but compared to 60+ hour weeks, it's relatively awesome!!! we've also been able to meet david for lunch sometimes at work, which is a great mid afternoon break to all of our long days. he'll probably start with the moonlighting soon, so things will pick up a bit.

least favorite thing:

not complaining, but my least favorite thing is that he still gets up once a night for a feeding. it's not bad, but i was hoping by 6 months he would be broken of this habit. he usually gets up around 5 or 6 am, feeds, and goes back to sleep. im sure this is something i will come to miss once he doesn't do it anymore :)


we are looking forward to our upcoming trips to see our cousins. we are traveling to louisville, chicago, nebraska and indy all within the next month!