Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3d cutie!

yesterday we went to the doc for our 34 week appointment. our doc wanted to do an ultrasound to see the size of the baby because he had been measuring a little bit ahead. we were thrilled to get an ultrasound!

david was next door and was on his way to meet me so i tried to stall as long as i could by using the bathroom, asking questions, etc. finally we started with the ultrasound and david made it just a few moments later.

our baby was so precious! the last u/s was at 22 weeks, so of course he looked entirely different this time around.

the sonographer was so patient and nice. said he has lots of hair and his belly is large (in the 90 something percentile). he weighed an estimated 5 lbs and 5 ounces which is right on track for his age. so we might not have a big baby after all. we also saw his lungs and the sonographer said he was "practicing breathing." what a good little boy!

the sonographer then did some 4d imaging. it was very cool. we watched from the TV screen and saw very detailed, real time images of him. he looked peaceful and happy! he was also practicing sucking and he was moving all over the place.

i didnt get much work done when i got home because i just stared at his u/s pics for an hour or so. in the spirit of the holiday i dressed him in a santa's hat. he's just so cute i couldn't help it!

mostly we were happy he seemed healthy and developing well.

back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound.

Monday, December 6, 2010

showered with love :)

Last weekend baby mcconda was showered with love and presents from so many wonderful friends and family. we had two showers... one from aunts susan, julie and jennifer, and one from aunt laura and nonna. it was awesome to celebrate with the people we love. thank you to all the aunts and grandma's for making everything so perfect! now, we just need baby mcconda to GET here!!!!

Here are some pics from the showers.........

Me and the girlies

laura had a chocolate fountain... not sure who liked it more, me or autumn :)

me, austin and lauren... lauren is just a few weeks behind me!

playing a game that liz and erica let get out of control. competitive much?

ok, awful pic of me, but this is the baby's bedding... so baby and so cute!! can't wait till he's all wrapped up in it :)

my sisters did a great job on the decor!