Friday, May 6, 2011

nebraska, red roses and stuffy noses

so, 98% of the time i am happy living in west virginia. this week falls into the other 2%.

during our two week trip to louisville, we got to spend lots of time with max's cousins, Jack and Reese (happy 1 year birthday reese cup!!) This week, they move to nebraska. even though it's my sister's family moving and not us, and even though we aren't in louisville to be around them every day anyway, I still can't help but feel sad about the distance between our family. for the first time ever, my sisters and i all live in a different state. and it feels weird.

max and i went to kroger today, to buy little nose drops... he has had a stuffy nose all week (the poor kid sounds like his father does when he's snoring!) while we were there, i saw red roses and almost teared up. completely pathetic, i know. they made me think of derby and what a great time of year this is for the city of louisville. this is the first time in years that neither david nor i will go to derby or oaks. also feels weird.

as we grow up and start our own families, change is inevitable. jobs, the economy, even personal preferences will separate us perhaps more than we'd like. while once upon a time it was just the six of us, it's now just the 14 of us....and growing..... Each of us have to do what is best for our own family and our own children. and even though it's sometimes hard, i'm proud to say that's what we are all doing.

so here is to lots of skype calls, status updates, and text message pictures of our neices and nephews being adorable. To visits, emails and to Kodak gallery. And here's to the beginning of fighting I mean compromising and scheduling considerately.... grandma cathy and papa gary's time and travel!! :)

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