Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4 month update!

so...i'm not going to lie. as max gets older, things are getting a little harder! but...it is that much more rewarding too!!

here is some 4 month max-info:

favorite thing to do:

he LOVES books!! he reaches out for them when i read to him and he touches every page. and not just kids books. i joined a book club and read "water for the elephants." i read it while i was nursing him (yay for multitasking!) and he kept getting so distracted! he must really love books to turn away from FOOD to see them. he'd look up like, "hey....that's a book! read it outloud mommy!"

favorite thing we like to do with him:

giggles!! he doesn't give them away easily though. he makes us work for them. but when he giggles it is soooo sweet. the first time he laughed david and i were both there to witness it. he laughed, but mommy got teary eyed. it was the best noise i've ever heard.


rolled over from belly to back!! he did it three times in a row. then i got out the video to record it and guess how many times he did it? ZERO! then daddy got home from work and guess how many times he did it? ZERO! then daddy went in the other room and he did it again! he's sneaky that one.

i had my first mother's day this month too. david was on call, but it was still a special day. we went out to eat as a family the night before, and max and i spent the day together sunday. we went to starbucks for breakfast, then church, bought myself some flowers :) and spent the rest of the day napping and snuggling.


he loves going to barnes and noble. mommy loves it too, but mostly for the starbucks. i pull out a few books to read to him and he gets so excited and loud. this week i'm going to join the library here and take him to story time. i think he'll love it.


he's still a pretty scheduled little boy, but he'll throw me for a loop every now and then and cry and cry and cry or refuse to go to bed. he's a baby....it happens.

least favorite thing:

so of course my friend erica would be the one to ask, "what's your least favorite thing so far?" easy answer: him crying in the car when we aren't moving!! i know he doesn't understand, but it's a little frusturating! whenever the car is moving he's as happy as can be. but when i stop for those silly red lights or stop signs he starts screaming. he has no concept of the fact that our stop is only temporary or the fact that our stop is mandatory. i can't wait until he's old enough to understand the word "patient!!"


we made another trip to KY. papa gary and grandma cathy loved being with him and helped me out a lot. we celebrated david's 31st birthday while we were there. max's cousins autumn, eli and anora got to come play too. max LOVES autumn! he was straining his neck, trying to follow her voice. he's a lucky kid!!

and we are lucky parents!!

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