Sunday, June 19, 2011

buh-bye intern year!!

these next few weeks will wrap up our first year here in morgantown. SO hard to believe! this year has been interesting to say the least for both me and for david, though in different ways for each of us.

when we first found out david matched in morgantown, i didn't even know where the city was! i had to mapquest it. tears came to my eyes as they scanned the computer screen, only to find a distance of over 6 hours from louisville. to me, it might as well have been china.

i knew morgantown was an option during the match process, but i never really let my mind go there. now not only was my mind going to morgantown, but so were my clothes, my furniture, and my UHaul. to say i was apprehensive about the move is a slight understatement. but i knew it was the best thing to do for our family. and david knew that too.

surprisingly, the adjustment to our new home was not nearly as difficult as i had imagined it to be. we quickly made friends, a routine, and a home away from "home". i thank God all the time for such a happy and easy transition... i'm giving him the credit, because i can't imagine another plausible explanation.

last night we attended a banquet in honor of the graduating residents. they are about to move on to exciting new jobs or fellowships. in speaking with some of their wives, they mention how "fast" the past few years have flown by. while it's hard to imagine, i know that will be us in the blink of an eye. (here is a pic from the event)

i won't speak for david, but for me, the notorious intern year was not as horrible as i pictured. this is not to take away from how extremely hard he has worked. over night calls, 30 + hour shifts, 80+ hour work weeks, studying, reading, etc. there were a lot of cold dinners waiting for him at home, and nights when me and max would already be in bed by the time he got home.

But at the same time, we were fortunate he could make it to many doctor appointments, that he had 2 weeks off when max was born and that he had the opportunity a handful of times for weekend trips or getaways. there were still nights when he made it home in time to lay on the couch with me, watch "The Office" and eat ice cream. it was not ALL work.

being in morgantown has, by default, increased our independence as a family. it has allowed us more quality time just the three of us than we might have experienced if we were in louisville or closer to family. for me, that has been the most positive aspect of our experience so far.

our families have also really helped in the past year by making such frequent visits. thankful to mom and dad, david's parents, john and laura, susan, julie, natalie and austin for all making the trip in the first year to see is. it has meant a lot!!

also the people we have met here have truly enhanced our experience. thankful to the other moms i've met that have provided me with support and to other residents and their significant others who are going through the same journey.

so here is to the first year down!! SO proud of david to see his hard, hard work paying off a little at a time. looking forward to his research year.....365 days with no overnight call!!! (ME LIKE!!!)

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  1. So happy for you guys and if you are around we are planning a Thanksgiving visit!